Exercise to get rid of the cold

A young athletic woman doing situps in a park. She is listening to music over headphones.

 Lack of physical exercise also may cause the body chilled.  

The muscle produces 35-40 % of body heat. Unless the person takes physical exercise, the muscle mass for heat generation decreases.   

Muscle has a deep relation with the bloodstream. If a person lacks physical exercise, his/her metabolism decreases, and blood circulation becomes worse, causing excessive sensitivity to cold temperature.   

Then, how can we improve blood circulation? 

The movement of the heart does not only affect the “flow of blood.” The heart works as a pump, which can distribute the blood to the end of limbs but cannot return it to the heart. The strength of muscle pushes back the blood. Movement of muscle widens and shrinks the blood vessel to push back blood. This movement is called the muscle pump.  

If the person moves the muscle of legs, the effect of returning blood becomes stronger. That’s why the legs are called “the second heart.” 


If a person lacks physical exercise and has declined leg muscle, blood circulation of the lower part of the body gets worse, causing the lower body chilled. It is one of the causes of excessive sensitivity to a cold temperature that women have a weaker pumping force to push back the blood compared to men. 

If a person is short of exercise, he/she has poor blood circulation. Muscle generates body temperature. Train the muscle by taking exercise and improve the flow of blood, sending heat energy to prevent a chilled body. 


The importance of sweating 

The reasons why exercise works for the treatment of chilled body include that the flow of blood is improved to enhance metabolism, sweating activates perspiration glands to promote skin works governing the immune system, and functions of the autonomic nerve are activated by stimulating the muscle. 


If a person fully produces sweat and adjusts the body temperature, his/her autonomic nerve condition recovers. Then, the blood vessel shrinks to the adequate condition at night, and the body temperature becomes appropriate when sleeping. 

Sweating is vital to our survival. It works for adjustment of body temperature as well as excretion of waste, excessive salt, and harmful heavy metal from the skin with sweat.  

It is no need to take hard training for exercise to induce perspiration. Little exercise produces 200g of sweat per hour. Just indoor stretch and exercise are good enough.  


It is also important to stimulate muscle of foot through walking and overstretch exercise. The strength of the tissue of foot transports liquid and blood. When you move muscles of the foot, the pumping function of the muscle becomes active and facilitates the smooth flow of blood blocked in the lower part of the body.  

If you keep sitting for a long time in the office, your blood circulation gets worsened. Try to leave the table and move or walk once in an hour as much as possible. 


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