Immune system and far-infrared bioceramic

woman back shot like a thermography


The modern age is a “chilled” era. 

It’s not a metaphor that the mind of the people and society have become cold. Our human body is cold. Although sensitivity to cold is a proprietary patent for women, more and more men and children with hypothermia have recently been increasing. 

The irony paradox is that the earth is warming, but humans are cold. But this may be the same root problem. Extreme weather causes both heat and cold waves, and they say that the earth will soon enter the ice age as global warming progresses. The same goes for the human body. In short, “circulation” and “balance” are going crazy for both the environment and humans. 

What is the cause of such symptoms? It seems that our lifestyle habits contain problems. 

Now, many people are suffering from uncomfortable bodily symptoms caused by that the body gets chilled. 


If a person becomes hypothermia, his/her function to absorb nutritions or excrete waste products declines, the person is immune-compromised and easily gets into deconditioning.  

The temperature has a deep relationship with the immune system. If body temperature is low, the function to kill a virus becomes weakened. Accordingly, he/she easily gets cold and becomes ill triggered by small things. 

Traditionally, Oriental medicine has described cold as a source of all illness. In recent years, Western medicine has revealed the relationship between cold, immunity, and autonomic nervous system. The concept of “body temperature immunity,” which states that “warming the body increases immunity,” is also becoming more common. 


Far infrared and bioceramic 

There are various ways to warm your body, such as eating, exercising, and taking a bath. One of them is the thermal effect of “far infrared rays.” When far-infrared rays are absorbed into the body, various forces are exerted, the body warms from the core, and balances our body temperature and circulation. 

In the first place, far-infrared rays are contained in the sun’s rays and are essential for maintaining our lives and health. Although there was a limit in fully utilizing the sun’s bounty, advances in materials such as ceramics have made it possible to obtain far-infrared rays artificially. Ceramics have the characteristic of emitting far-infrared rays efficiently, and you may have seen saunas, bedrock baths, heaters, clothing, etc. using this. Above all, a new material called bioceramic that is more familiar to the human body efficiently emits wavelengths that are particularly useful for the human body. 

In recent years, new effects other than the thermal effect of far-infrared rays such as an effect to increase “nitric oxide” (NO) have been elucidated, and together with the development of bioceramics, it has become a hot area in the health and medical fields. 

At Goen 3 Health, focusing on this topic of far-infrared bioceramics, we will provide health and beauty information as a lifestyle that is useful for your everyday life. 



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