Regular physical activity helps to sleep better


After a busy day, the body needs rest to get back to working properly in the morning.

But when there is no physical activity, part of the work to restore sleep is not required, as explained by Cláudia Goulart, PhD in Health Sciences from the University of Brasília (UnB) and professor at the Department of Physical Education.

Those who practice physical activity sleep faster, are able to relax and rest better, have deeper and better quality sleep, feel more willing the next day, find it easier to achieve a healthy weight and, by putting it all together, quality improves of life as a whole.

“When a person practices physical activity, homeostasis occurs in the body, which is the stability the body needs to perform its functions properly for the body’s balance. The activity makes your body more tired and sleep comes naturally at night. movement during the day can generate some discomfort in the musculature and micro-injuries. At the end of the day, the body tells you that it needs to rest, sleep better. And physical activity also reduces stress and anxiety, helping even more in the quality of sleep “, says the teacher.

The body informs us all the time what is best for our health. Just knowing how to listen to it. “If you pay attention, the body talks to you. It says you need to eat better, drink more water, exercise. The body starts to tell you how it does more. That’s why everything works well when you move and better sleep quality is one of those consequences,” he points out.

It is not enough just to practice physical activity regularly to have a better quality of sleep. As at this moment the mind also rests, the ideal is to calm the environment before closing your eyes. “If possible, try not to do physical activity at night. Of course, each case is different, but usually this can arouse your body too much. Look for a time in your routine when you can exercise. Also try to slow down at the end of your day, no many lights on or cell phones before bed. When that time comes, body and mind need rest and you can start this process of slowing down hours before going to bed,” teaches the teacher.



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