Good sleep improves the immune system and skin condition

Uma boa noite de sono melhora o sistema imunológico e a condição da pele.
Cropped shot of a young woman stretching while sitting in her bed

Sleep time increase in the West since the spread of COVID-19 

Since the start of the global epidemic of the new Coronavirus, several studies have shown that people in Western countries have increased the amount of sleep they are getting in the country. A survey of college students by the University of Colorado in the United States reported that they were sleeping 30 minutes more each day on average than before. Meanwhile, a group of researchers from the University of Basel, Switzerland, found an average of 13 minutes more sleep per night among those surveyed in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Given that a decrease in the quality and quantity of sleep can lower the immune system, such a change in sleep duration may be desirable in terms of preventing corona infection. 


Stress relief and memory consolidation 

Regulating “immune function” is one of the most critical roles of sleep. For example, immune hormones called cytokines, which activate the function of the immune system, are released in the body while sleeping. Besides, melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep, is said to boost the immune system. 

But the role of sleep is not only to boost the immune system. Sleep plays a variety of roles in maintaining your health. 


・Sleep gives the body and brain a break and recovers from fatigue: Growth hormones released during sleep to stimulate cell metabolism and repair skin and muscle functions damaged by daytime activities. Sleep also helps to rest the brain, which reduces the excitability of nerve cells and helps to alleviate stress, such as anxiety and discomfort. 

・Beauty and beauty benefits: Growth hormones help to promote skin turnover and burn fat. 

・Organize your memory: The brain during sleep is believed responsible for organizing and remembering the day’s events and what you have learned. Adequate sleep improves concentration and brain function. 

・Remove harmful toxins and brain waste: Detoxifying your body and brain is also the job of sleep. 


It is because of this essential function of sleep that we sleep a third of our lives. It’s not an exaggeration to say that sleep determines the quality of your life. Are you getting a good night’s sleep?  In today’s era of COVID-19, it may be a very good time to t review your sleep. 


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