Every professional aspires to be recognized in his or her field. In search of this, the professional works hard to obtain certifications and improve behavioral skills. However, when it comes to the health area, what makes a good professional? Is it all based on knowledge of the specialty and clinical skills or is there something even more important?

The health professional must be astute. People’s lives, well-being and emotions are at stake and all this requires the doctor’s attention when dealing with each patient and family member.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article to highlight some items that indicate a good health professional. Check it out!

Constant updating

Patients are becoming more and more knowledgeable. Although they have great respect for medical opinion, they usually conduct surveys and, based on this information, suggest treatments and even question the medical opinion.

To ensure the best treatment and the full trust and respect of patients, the doctor must be a recognized authority in his specialty.

To become a reference, the professional needs to participate in discussion groups, workshops, congresses, fairs, make specializations, besides reading a lot of specialized subject, especially national and international scientific studies.

This wealth of knowledge will be easily perceived and recognized by the patient, who will rely more on the guidance provided.

Respect and concern for patients

This is one of the most important characteristics that a health professional needs to possess.

Most professionals will work with people who are in a situation of pain, fragility, and distress. Therefore, in addition to knowledge, it takes many skills and attributes to earn the respect, trust, and admiration of patients.

The more you care about people, the more you will work to give them your best. This will help you make the best possible decisions to help them, even if you are exhausted.

Every patient is pleased when the doctor shows attention, asks questions, and analyzes them calmly. Doctors who act this way are most admired by patients.

Effective communication

Good communication is what differentiates an ordinary professional from an excellent one. How many professionals do you know who have a high degree of training, but who do not know how to transmit this knowledge effectively?

In addition to technical knowledge, the doctor needs to develop the ability to communicate effectively with patients and also family members. After all, doctors are usually the ones responsible for giving the news, whether good or bad. Therefore, they need to be clear and concise, but at the same time use tact so as not to “hurt” patients.

Effective communication requires that the doctor be empathetic and adapt his approach to each patient, taking into account factors such as degree of education, economic situation, physical and psychological state of the patient, and feelings.

To be an accredited and recognized professional in the area of health, although challenging, only depends on the individual: keeping updated, showing respect and concern for patients, and continuously developing communication skills. By doing so, in addition to being accredited as a good professional, this will contribute more effectively to the health and well-being of the patients.


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