We emit far-infrared


Do you know that our body emits far-infrared rays?

The wavelength of infrared emitted from the skin of the human body ranges from 3 to 50 μ. Among them, far infrared ray with a range from 6 to 14 μ(growth and development light) occupies 46% of all the radiation energy emitted from the human body.

It is not the only human that emits far-infrared rays. Unless it is a low temperature of absolute zero temperature (minus 273 ºC), all the materials emit far-infrared rays. The higher the temperature is, the more the amount of radiation (energy) is. If the temperature is the same, the amount of radiation varies based on materials and the surface temperature.

“Qi” is likely to be far-infrared rays

It is hard to believe that we emit far-infrared rays. However, the emission of infrared rays from a human body can be confirmed through thermography that measures the temperature emitted from the body surface and displays it by color.

We also have a folk remedy, “remedy by holding a hand over a part of injury or ill” from the old days. Human hands have been believed to cure injury and disease. In China, there is a well-known Qigong remedy.

In fact, these are not “mysterious power” in the whole aspect. It has been proved that the technician of handholding remedy or Qigong remedy emitted far-infrared rays by scientific research. “Qi” is most likely to be a far-infrared ray.

There is a work of hand touching, which usually refers to “medical treatment.” Everyone may have an experience that when we had a stomachache or a headache in small days, parents lessened the pain by touching the painful place with their hands. Of course, it is psychologically influenced, but this is thought to be caused by the resonation of far infrared rays emitted from you with far infrared rays emitted from the parents.

In short, a human is an existence that receives and emits far-infrared rays. The well-balanced condition refers to as being “healthy.” Healthy people may be rephrased as ones who can receive enough infrared rays and emit an adequate amount of infrared rays.


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