The most effective far-infrared ray is “growth and development light.”


Among the far-infrared ray, the wavelength especially effective for creatures is called “growth and development light.” This is a far-infrared ray with a wavelength band ranging from 6 to 14 μ.

The growth and development light has a strong effect on activating blood, bodily fluid, and cell. It is known that if body temperature rises by one ºC, metabolism increases by 10%. It is useful not only for a better flow of blood but also for the enhancement of property to activate inside the body.

These effects may be exerted when the growth and development light resonates with those emitted from inside the body.


Activate water molecule

When the growth and development light penetrates into molecules configuring the tissue of the human body, molecules exercise hard and start hitting against each other. Water molecules inside the body have the same phenomena.

As a characteristic of a water molecule, it is divided into many clumps to form a molecular water cluster. However, it is not beneficial for water configuring the body to form a cluster and stay still. It has to always move while moving in and out between cells and carrying oxygen and salt to keep a healthy condition.


The growth and development light especially strongly reacts with the water molecules. It affects to stimulate or break down the molecular water cluster in the part where the water is interrupted. If the far-infrared ray is exposed to a human, it vibrates the water molecules of a human body and causes the resonant absorption effect to activate the water molecules.

This “activation of the water molecules” is one of the significant characteristics of the growth and development light.


When the growth and development light activate the water molecules, the cell tissues start to act vividly, promoting the circulation of blood. Nutrition and oxygen are supplied to the end of the body to enhance the metabolism and discharge the waste efficiently. As a result, swelling and cellulite of the body will be eliminated.



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