Mitochondrionand Far-infrared


When we have low body temperature, our body becomes a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen means that function of mitochondria generating energy by using oxygen in cells worsens.

The mitochondrion is a tiny organ that produces energy for the activation of all the cells. It is mitochondrion that produces immune cells and body temperature. When the body gets chilled, the function of mitochondrion decreases, therefore, the immune strength is reduced.

If the body temperature is raised, the basic power of mitochondria revives. It is because if you warm your body, an anti-stress protein called “heat shock protein” is produced within the body. It is known that heat shock protein has self-healing power that is effective for recovering the injured tissue or suppressing cancer.

Let’s use far-infrared rays

There are several ways for improvement of the chilled body, such as taking a bath, taking physical exercise to increase muscle strength and raise the body temperature from inside the body, or reviewing the dietary life. But the application of “far infrared rays” would be more effective method to worm the body.

The word “far-infrared ray” is often heard in many places. Many goods of far infrared rays including far infrared ray therapy, sauna, heating appliances, footbath, processed fibers of far infrared rays, and health mats are receiving attention for its effect to warm the body to the bone. The popular bedrock bathing is applying the effect of far-infrared rays emitted from rocks.

Solar rays comfortably warm up our bodies due to its far-infrared rays. Stone-roasted sweet potatoes and sweet chestnuts apply the same theory as a close example. Far infrared rays emitted from stones and sands warm the core of potatoes and chestnuts to bake them to fluffy shapes. We have used far-infrared rays as the wisdom of living since ancient times.

Far infrared ray warms the body from the core inside. Accordingly, the blood vessel dilates and facilitates blood circulation. A metabolic disorder, such as stagnation of blood, can be improved. Tissues are activated, and the enzyme is vividly generated. Such metabolic stimulation discharges wastes and toxins accumulated in the body with water,

as sweat from sweat glands. Metabolism is a collective term of a chemical reaction occurring inside of our body.

Metabolism controls all the reactions of the molecular level to obtain the energy necessary for growing creatures, maintaining life, and performing many functions. Far infrared ray acts to stimulate such material metabolism and energy metabolism.


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