Using Infrared Rays to Relieve Pain


Using infrared rays to relieve pain is a technique used often and many have obtained great results. Chronic diseases, muscle pain, and even issues like tendonitis can be treated using infrared based therapy and technology. It also relaxes, increases circulation and slows skin aging. It is an option that can be applied at home, or in a specialized location.

Therapeutic Light Pain Relieve

For a therapeutic treatment with an infrared light, a device with a special lamp must be used. In addition to the emission of infrared rays, it must be equipped with a round mineral plate made of clay. This plate contains 33 elements essential for the human body. When activated in conjunction with the infrared, it emits rays ranging from 2 to 25 microns in length, which coincides with the wavelength, and also with the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emanating from the human body.

Though they are invisible, they are able to penetrate body tissue, reaching a depth of 10 mm. By increasing blood circulation and muscle relaxation, they accelerate the inflammatory response. The inflammatory process is the body's way of initiating healing, where chronic inflammation is a reaction of the tissues to irritation, injury, or infection. Therefore, it is a subtle cure, focused on stimulating the immune system.

During exposure to infrared rays, the capillaries - which are the vessels that carry blood to the cells - expand, thereby increasing both oxygenation and blood regeneration. This process results in deep detoxification and improved functioning of major organs by immobilizing and dissolving toxins. Because of this, these rays are an excellent alternative to treat water retention and skin conditions where it eliminates heavy metals, poisons and carcinogenic substances. The process also reduces muscle spasms, and relieves rheumatoid arthritis.

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Research by NASA has shown that infrared is a great way to keep astronauts' hearts in optimal condition. It also increases enzymatic activity in the digestive system, and increases metabolism. About 1 hour under these rays can burn up to 900 calories, releasing trapped fat, and dissolving the lumps that give rise to cellulite.

For an at-home treatment you can look for devices that have some sort of infrared lamp. There are a large number of variations in the market. Equipped with this technology, the most popular devices are infrared massagers. To improve circulation and treat cellulite, for example, 2 sessions should be conducted during the week, each of which last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Results are visible after 8 weeks of treatment. Another option is to look for specialized centers, such as spas, that offer this type of treatment.

Invel Premium Far-infrared Technology

What is Invel?

Invel is a medical technology company whose primary focus is to develop and research Far-Infrared Technology. One of our greatest contributions to human health has been the development of the MIG3 Bioceramic. All of the Invel products are embedded with the patented MIG3 Bioceramic that has been proven over the years to bring health benefits to those who come in contact with the fabric.

The MIG3 Bioceramic minerals stimulate Nitric Oxide production in your body, leading to improved blood circulation and an increase in oxygen to the muscles and tissues, helping people recover, recharge, and experience relief.


Invel® Therapeutic “Flat” shirt with Bioceramic MIG3® Far-Infrared Technology

Using Infrared Rays to Relieve Pain Far-infrared Technology Pain Relief

Live in comfort with Invel's natural, safe and non-invasive product that helps you stay active and comfortable through out the entire day. This Flat shirt Invel patented MIG3® Technology to create a cost effective infrared therapy that stimulates Nitric Oxide production improving vasodilation and blood circulation.  Invel helps you reach your maximum potential every single day.


Invel® Therapeutic Relief Insoles with Bioceramic MIG3 Far-Infrared Technology

Using Infrared Rays to Relieve Pain Far-infrared Technology Pain Relief

Invel’s insoles works immediately on contact with your feet. Clinically study shows Invel® Insoles help relieve stagnation in lower legs and reduces foot and leg fatigue by improving blood circulation. Give your feet the comfort and technology it needs, to stand up to life’s greatest challenges.


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