Ceramics that emits rich far-infrared rays


A quantity of far infrared rays is contained in solar rays, but only a small amount of them reaches the ground because carbon dioxide and vapor in the air absorb them. Additionally, deterioration of the environment these days caused the reduction of the quantity of far infrared rays more and more. Notably, it is said that the amount of far-infrared rays falls less in rainy Japan.

Then, how can we maximize the benefits of far-infrared radiation, which is essential for our health? Far infrared ways are not only contained in solar rays but also produced artificially by a material called “ceramics.” Especially “bio-ceramics”, a kind of fine ceramics that has new functions and properties by strictly controlling the constitution and manufacturing process is highly absorbent to the skin and easily relates to a human body.

The bio-ceramics receives attention as “excellent emitter” to emit quite a lot of far-infrared rays. Instead, developments of new materials such as bio-ceramics allowed far-infrared rays to be in the spotlight.

In the past twenty to thirty years, technology of bio-ceramics has rapidly developed. Today, many bio-ceramics products are utilized. Bio-ceramics has many types, and the output power of far-infrared rays vary according to the type. Among them, Alumina-based bio-ceramics is well known for the high effect of far infrared rays.

Bioceramic recycles far-infrared

Wearing bio-ceramics products that efficiently emit far infrared rays will give you merits not only receiving far infrared rays but also reuse far-infrared rays emitted from your own body without wasting it.

Bio-ceramics is a sort of mirror to reflect far-infrared rays.

If you wear bio-ceramics, you can collect far infrared rays that have left your body. A material that emits far-infrared rays well is a material that absorbs far-infrared rays well.

Now, many products using bio-ceramics with a high effect of far infrared rays will attract social attention more and more.


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